Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's with the corny name?

When we mention Eyes And Feet to people, they often ask us to repeat the name - just to make sure they heard it right.

I guess it sounds too...simple. Too...earthy.

You bet it does, and that's the way we like it.

Somewhere in the back of all our heads, I suspect, years of exposure to TechCrunch, Mashable and various web 2.0 names makes us expect web 2.0 company names to be 'disemvoweled'.

Disemvowelment = removing unnecessary vowels from web 2.0 company names. While at it, one typically sacrifices a few consonants too!

Eg. Flicker - 'e' = Flickr, YellowPages - 'low ages' =Yelp, etc.
PS: If you want a domain name like these, check out the web 2.0 name generator

Coming back to EyesAndFeet...

We wanted a name that would stick. We spoke to various people about 'Eyes And Feet' and a few other names we'd considered. When we met them after a few days...they'd remember EyesAndFeet.com & they'd have forgotten all the other ostensibly memorable names.

We also wanted a name that would:
  • Echo what we do - without needing a 1 minute elevator ride. EyesAndFeet = online eyeballs --> offline footfalls for your local business.
  • Stand out. Considering the pace at which new Web 2.0 names are cropping up, we believe a Web 1.0 name for a web 2.0 service will stick out - like a sore thumb.
  • That can easily be said. EyesAndFeet.com is easy to say and does not need to be spelt out - unlike Flickr.com (oh, don't forget to omit the e), Of course, when you are a household name like Flikr, it doesn't matter. But when you're on your way there, it does. See point 3 here.

So here we are: A cool service with an uncool name. At least, we hope so.

Stay tuned.

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