Sunday, April 11, 2010

Superbowl, here we come

Remember Google's amazing superbowl ad? Well, you can now get some Parisian love of your own - with the Google Search Stories generator.

Check it out and let your imagination run riot. Here's what I came up with for Eyes And Feet.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Turbo-boost your WiFi signal - in 15 minutes

When you're a young company, frugality is obviously important (in fact it is important even if you're a listed Fortune 500 firm)...

I work a lot from home. Our Wireless Access Point is in the kids' room and the signal strength at my desk at the other end of the house was just 1 bar (and often zero when the doors are closed). Here's how we managed to get that up to 4 bars WITHOUT buying a WiFi repeater:

As the pic shows, all it took was a parabolic reflector strapped on to the antenna and directed as needed. Added bonus: the signal strength improved in most other parts of the house too!

Making this is quite simple; it took all of 15 minutes, some aluminum foil, paper, glue, a printer & a paper knife.

Here's how (note: you'll see 2 scary looking pattern/graphs. Don't bother with them - simply scroll to the end of the page for the pattern you need to print and cutout)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's with the corny name?

When we mention Eyes And Feet to people, they often ask us to repeat the name - just to make sure they heard it right.

I guess it sounds too...simple. Too...earthy.

You bet it does, and that's the way we like it.

Somewhere in the back of all our heads, I suspect, years of exposure to TechCrunch, Mashable and various web 2.0 names makes us expect web 2.0 company names to be 'disemvoweled'.

Disemvowelment = removing unnecessary vowels from web 2.0 company names. While at it, one typically sacrifices a few consonants too!

Eg. Flicker - 'e' = Flickr, YellowPages - 'low ages' =Yelp, etc.
PS: If you want a domain name like these, check out the web 2.0 name generator

Coming back to EyesAndFeet...

We wanted a name that would stick. We spoke to various people about 'Eyes And Feet' and a few other names we'd considered. When we met them after a few days...they'd remember & they'd have forgotten all the other ostensibly memorable names.

We also wanted a name that would:
  • Echo what we do - without needing a 1 minute elevator ride. EyesAndFeet = online eyeballs --> offline footfalls for your local business.
  • Stand out. Considering the pace at which new Web 2.0 names are cropping up, we believe a Web 1.0 name for a web 2.0 service will stick out - like a sore thumb.
  • That can easily be said. is easy to say and does not need to be spelt out - unlike (oh, don't forget to omit the e), Of course, when you are a household name like Flikr, it doesn't matter. But when you're on your way there, it does. See point 3 here.

So here we are: A cool service with an uncool name. At least, we hope so.

Stay tuned.