Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Google Reader & Bookmarks don't seem to speak to each other ?

I use Google Reader for all my RSS feeds. Typically, I devote 30 minutes every morning to reading - and bookmark anything I think I might need later. I use Google Bookmarks to (duh) bookmark stuff.

In the bottom of every article in Google Reader, there's this:

The button I'm missing is 'bookmark'. I assume there are millions of others who do the same thing - read...and...bookmark. Hence, it's rather difficult to imagine that Google wouldn't support this! They have a bunch of complicated 'Like' & 'Share' options that no one I know uses; bookmark should be child's play?

Right now, if I need to Google bookmark something, I click on the article's headline to open it in a new tab. Thereafter, I click the Google Bookmark button (rather, bookmarklet). I'm sure there must be a way to avoid this unnecessary step of opening the article in a new tab (having read it already in  Google Reader). I even tried a Greasemonkey plug-in for Firefox.

Any suggestions? Please tell me I'm not the only person facing this?

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