Saturday, June 26, 2010

How I wish Facebook had a "self imposed exile" feature - like Hacker news

Every morning, I spend some time reading posts on Hacker News. And every morning, I know I've spent more time on it that I intended to. It's the same (worse) story with Facebook.However, Hacker News has an amazing feature to help ensure you don't overstay on their site. Here's how it works:

You simply enable anti procrastination (noprocrast) in your settings, specify the maximum time you're allowed to spend (30 min in the screenshot) during each visit, and the minimum time between consecutive visits (180 min). So, with my settings, I can't spend over 30 min at a time on Hacker News, and I can't visit it till 3 hours are completed since my last visit. Now you know why I wish Facebook had this. Here's what you get if you try and break you self imposed exile (click on image if it's not clear):

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