Friday, August 13, 2010

How many people behind our web app? 3.14

Yesterday was the 3rd time someone asked me - in the last week alone! "How many people did it take to build our app?"

Almost reminds me of the "How many (insert least favorite nationality here) does it take to (insert mundane task here)?" series.

It took us...all of 3.14 people. Here's how:

There's me- with the initial idea.  I translated my ideas into the wireframes that are now the application. I currently drive the product roadmap, and marketing.

Muni's our Ruby on Rails guy. He writes poetry with code, and is yet to say "not possible" to something.

Vikram's  behind maintaining the databases and our prezis on on social media (like this one on 50 ideas for twitter for businesses). He's perfectly comfortable with 16 spreadsheets open at the same time.

That leaves the UI...

We worked with a freelancer who's almost like a part of the team now. If you're looking for a great UI (images, video), I can't recommend 'Design by Anaami' enough. They had 6 other projects they were involved with (besides Eyes And Feet).  So, that's the 0.14

Do wish us luck!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Lux. I was great working with you and this app. Looking forward to a great working relationship together.