Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More on tweet half life - still less than a day

If you haven't read our previous post on this subject, please do so first.

While researching Tweetmeme for our previous story, we noticed that Mashable was one publisher who had the top stories in virtually every silo - entertainment, games, technology, and even business. Putting it another way: If Tweetmeme were a Foursquare venue, Mashable would be its mayor.

We caught ourselves wondering if even Mashable was subject to the short half life we noticed for other stories. Or, were they different?

Here's what we saw for 3 recent stories on Mashable. To cut a long story short, Mashable's stories' half life seemed even less than a day. And each story debuted with almost 1,000 tweets referencing the URL - in day one!

(note: like before, we selected 'non news' stories with a longer shelf life)

As you can see, Mashable is no different - the half life is less than a day!

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