Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Merlions, Seedcamp, Wordles, Thanks, Eyes And Feet

Singapore, here we come!

Seedcamp recently announced their first ever Singapore event. We applied and a few days ago, we were told that we had been selected as one of the 20 participating companies.

Wordle: Tags describing Participants at Seedcamp Singapore

The selected finalists come from 7 countries, with 12 of the 20 coming from Singapore, itself. Here's a wordle on what the 20 companies are about. 'Social' is the dominant theme - followed by location, shopping & gaming. We used 2 tags to describe each company - which two do you think describe Eyes And Feet? (click on the wordle to see it more clearly)

[Update: We won! Next stop: Seedcamp week in London, Jan 2011]

PS: Thank you, Sarah Lacy and Fred Wilson for pointing us to Seedcamp in response to a question we'd asked (at 7:20 on the video embedded below) on how VCs 'find' companies outside of Silicon Valley. That was September 10th - the first time we heard of Seedcamp. By the 20th, we'd applied, and now we're on our way to present at Seedcamp, Singapore on October 5th. PPS: Sarah, Fred, we're NOT focusing on our domestic market - Eyes And Feet's initial focus is on the US market.

Merlion Image courtesy: Flickr | Creative commons


  1. That's v cool. And thanks to the interview above as well :-). Looking forward to a v productive day together on the 5th!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Reshma. Look forward to the 5th. Oh, and in case you missed it, Dave McClure also mentioned Seedcamp in a recent rant against TechCrunch (search for "new geographies" at Maybe it's a case of selective perception, but it is nice to see Seedcamp mentioned in many places these days.