Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From the 'Why do we make it so complicated' department

So, I get this pop-up asking me if I'd like to update my flash player. Only, I'm not sure how I should say 'Yes'. Is it just me or does this UX suck?


  1. Poor Adobe this shows how serious you are about users. If you can't handle a simple dialog box, what can expect from Photoshop and Fireworks. #crashpronesoftwares #stuffedwithfeatures

  2. Don't get me started, Lux :) I am currently researching usage of enterprise s/w by customers and am appalled at how low the usage is due to the "let's make it as complicated as possible to justify our existence" brigade..

    There has to be an uprising by end-users of such software - given that these users are individuals who are exposed to (and expect) delightful experiences from their interactions with the iPhones of the world, the time cannot be too far.

    Customers need to speak with their maintenance dollars :)