Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our first Press Release

We took the easy way out on the "why issue a press release when you have a blog" debate...

Do both!

So here's our first release - on PR Web. The full text is reproduced below:

Social Media Radar for Restaurants
& Local Businesses launches Private Beta

Summary: Eyes And Feet, a web application that's available at, has launched their private beta program. The application focuses on helping local businesses like restaurants, clubs & spas understand and use social media like Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare. With the only social media activity database of its kind, EyesAndFeet helps a local business SEE what its peers are doing, and thereafter DO something social of its own.

New York (PR Web) October 20, 2010 - Eyes And Feet is NOT yet a leading social media application. That’s scarcely surprising considering that they just launched a private beta of their web application to help local businesses understand and use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other social media and related tools!

The team behind the application analyses, filters and curates through over 20 million data records to create what it believes to be the most comprehensive database of local businesses’ social media activity. The growing database currently covers 10 US cities, and more are rapidly being added.

As Lakshmanan (Lux) Narayan, CEO & Founder says,  “Everyone needs that little nudge! A lot of local businesses are waiting and watching before they jump into leveraging social media for their business. It’s like when you and I first used facebook. Before gathering the courage to post our first update, we first took some time to observe how our friends use the medium, and to figure what works and what doesn’t. We’re simply trying to provide the benefits of this peer based learning experience for a business.”

He adds, “besides covering geo-specific social media activity of businesses, we also help a local business take its first steps with using social media. Wizards, hyperlocal news feeds, posting tools - we have them all, and some more”

The application is currently in private beta with hundreds of new accounts being activated every day. To sign up for a free account, simply visit

Contact Information:
Lakshmanan (Lux) Narayan
CEO & Founder,
TEL: +1-415-651-4524
Twitter: @eyesandfeet


Image: Flickr | Creative commons | Cishore

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