Monday, May 16, 2011

Top 10 Chicago Restaurants on Twitter

Over 750 Restaurants & Cafes in Chicago are active on Twitter. The Free EyesAndFeet application has all the details!

Here are the top 10 (based on number of followers), along with a summary of what they do that's unique and beyond special offers and greetings on special occasions. And no, we haven't included the big chains (McDonalds, Starbucks, etc) in this analysis - so there you have it, all independent establishments!

Read get some ideas on how you could engage with your followers.

Congratulations to these Twitter rock stars:

#10 @sundachicago - 3152* Followers

This chic Asian restaurant strikes a perfect balance between witty replies, specials, pictures and offers that they tweet about at a very regular intervals.

#9 @morecupcakes - 3181* Followers

Patty Rothman of More Cupcakes talks a lot about their flavors like strawberry, chocolate etc. The way they weave it into their tweets without seeming overly promotional is nice.

#8 @stevesdeli - 3778* Followers

This kosher style deli really has a grip over its twitter account - with continuous tweets and replies. Their tweets are very pleasant and cover a gamut of topics - from general discussions on the weather to their menu and specials.

#7 @thepublican2008 - 3953* Followers

This seafood, pork & beer pub gets the basic right - they reply to the tweets sent by their followers, announce events & declare specials. And they're consistent!

#6 @LouMalnatis - 5323* Followers

Considering that LoMalnati's has been dishing out deep dish pizzas for 39 years, it's not surprising that they get a lot of tweets from their customers. Hence, their efforts center around replying to comments and interacting with happy clients.

#5 @Bleeding_heart - 5536* Followers

Now, here's someone who realizes that "location matters". They have a good integration with their foursquare account, and many of their posts revolve around this:

#4 @garrettpopcorn - 6181* Followers

Like many other pedigreed establishments, this 60 year old "Chicago tradition, New York sensation" popcorn maker has a lot of fans to engage with. They also use many hashtags in their tweets and join several conversations like #ChicagoStyle

#3 @FlirtyCupcakes - 7980* Followers

Like another in this list, their tweets are centered around their many flavors. Many of their tweets also leap off their facebook posts - like this one: .

#2 @ElisCheesecake - 8359* Followers

Besides replying to passionate fans and retweeting their words of praise, this gourmet cheesecake and specialty dessert bakery simply puts out a Today's Special" tweet every day.

#1 @hotdougs - 8383* Followers

Hot Doug's seems to tweet all the time - their specials and @replies fill their twitter page. The meat of the matter seems to be in their "Game of the week" and "Celebrity Sausage recipe" tweets, making them the Number 1 tweeter amongst the Chicago Restaurants.

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*Followers as of 15th May 2010

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