Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 10 New York Restaurants on Twitter

No surprises here! Over 1100 Restaurants & Cafes in New York are active on Twitter...

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Here are the top 10 (based on number of followers) restaurants that tweet, along with a summary of what they do that's unique and beyond special offers and greetings on special occasions. And just to keep it fair, we haven't included the big chains (McDonalds, Starbucks, etc) in this analysis - so there you have it, all independent establishments!

Read on...to get some ideas on how you could engage with your followers.

Congratulations to these Twitter rock stars:

#10 @CafeGrumpy - 2749* Followers

The Grumpy Cafe is not so grumpy with their tweets. They have a simple yet powerful twitter strategy with interesting pictures and links associated with several of their tweets.

#9 @TheSmithNYC - 2751* Followers

Catches the 9th spot by just 2 more followers - so their position on the list could change by the time you read this. Foursquare is a key ingredient in Smith Restaurant's twitter effort.

#8 @TheMermaidNYC - 2892* Followers

The gourmet oyster joint is "fishy" in most of their tweets - with quirky replies to their fan's tweets.

#8 @KELVINSLUSH - 3186* Followers

ReTweets and simple and prompt engagement seem to be the corner-stones of this All Natural Slush Eateries' twitter account.

#7 @CityWineryNYC - 3507* Followers

Events, Events & More Events. That's the dominant theme of this twitter account - with simple yet powerful tweets to attract their customers over to their restaurant.

#6 @Smorgasandcrepe - 3595* Followers

A hot soup on a cold windy day is oh so perfect. This swanky Scandinavian restaurant knows that only too well as is obvious in their yummy, timely, weather-synced tweets.

#5 @bistrotruck - 3728* Followers

Being a mobile food truck, their use of twitter is very functional. Besides replying to a legion of regulars, they also issue regular reminders on where their next pitstop will be.

#4 @fritesnmeats - 4180* Followers

They are very ebullient with their feedback and friendly replies. Many of their tweets involves fast & witty responses to their customer's queries.

#3 @gimmecoffee - 6508* Followers

Probably in sync with their coffee concoctions, their tweets have the right proportions - of replies, specials and offers.

#2 @thetreatstruck - 7440* Followers

Another functional tweeter - Twitter is used almost like a GPS by this New York mobile eatery. Their updates keep their customers posted on where they are on the streets of New York

#1 @babycakesNYC - 10278* Followers

The yummy cakes baked by New York's famous Baby Cakes bakery are well complemented by their simple but powerful mouth-watering tweets involving many of their recipes. This along with 'the usual' - replying promptly, announcing specials & events at regular intervals makes then New York's No: 1 eatery on Twitter.

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*Followers as of 17th May 2010

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