Friday, May 20, 2011

Top 10 San Francisco Restaurants on twitter

Over 2800 Restaurants & Cafes in San Francisco are active on Twitter...
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Here are the top 10 (based on number of followers) restaurants that tweet, along with a summary of what they do that's unique and beyond special offers and greetings on special occasions. And just to keep it fair, we haven't included the big chains (McDonalds, Starbucks, etc) in this analysis - so there you have it, all independent establishments!
Read get some ideas on how you could engage with your followers.

PS: Interestingly, #4 & #2 seem to use @constantcontact email marketing software - indicating a tight integration between their email marketing & social media efforts. Way to go.

Congratulations to these Twitter rock stars:

#10 @senorsisig - 3635* Followers

Established only in 2010, this Filipino eatery has risen very fast to reach more than 3600 followers. They tweet often about their events, specials, current location & also use hashtags rather well.

#9 @RN74 - 3903* Followers

This high end restaurant and wine bar not only tweets about what happening in its own business, but also leverages current happenings in their tweets (The Hangover - 2, for example).

#8 @lunaparksf - 4546* Followers

The Luna Park Restaurant is proof that it pays to keep your social media strategy simple and interconnected. They put up events on Facebook & tweet about them on twitter.

#7 @sightglass - 5131* Followers

An interesting Tweet-a-day keeps your followers happy. Slightglass' tweets are a mix of events, pictures and quirky tweets like the one below.

#6 @boccalone - 5322* Followers

This restaurant smells like ham in most of its tweets! With interesting pictures and posts they have their twitter strategy - well thought and hand crafted.

#5 @AdoboHobo - 5614* Followers

In twitter it's all about connections. Adobo Hobo tries to stay abreast with customers and other businesses - with tweets mentioning them such as the one below:

#4 @yoshisjazz - 6200* Followers

Miles Davis' 85th Birthday? A good excuse to head out to Yoshis. Interesting Jazz events (like are a cornerstone of their tweet content.

#3 @21stamendment - 9600* Followers

Sometimes, it's not what you say, but how you say it that matters! The 21st Amendement uses twitter for the same things most local businesses do, but their tweets have a nice way of engaging people, as the tweet below shows.

#2 @CafeGratitude - 16401* Followers

They seem to want to teach the world what Gratitude really means through their interesting "tweet-series", The Self Examiner Weekly :

#1 @humphryslocombe - 315,661* Followers

Wow! Though it's not always about numbers, with more than 300 thousand followers, this ice cream place rocks on twitter. Besides mentioning their interesting flavors on offer, they do 'the usual' - reply promptly and announce specials & events at regular intervals. Kudos to San Francisco's No: 1 eatery on Twitter.

Check out Eyes And Feet for more on local business' social media in YOUR neighborhood.

*Followers as of 20th May 2010

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