Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top Las Vegas Spas & Salons on Twitter

Here are the top Spas & Salons in Las Vegas that do their social media in style. We've also provided a brief summary of our take on what they do, that's different - beyond the regular special offers and greetings on Bad Hair Day.

Want to know more about local businesses rocking social media in your own neighborhood? The Free EyesAndFeet application has the details.

PS: we haven't included the big chains (Supercuts, GreatClips, etc) in this list - it just wouldn't be fair.

Read on...to get some ideas on how you could engage with your followers - in hair raising ways.

Congratulations to these Twitter rock stars:

@hypnoticsalon - 35* Followers

Many of their tweets leap off their facebook posts - like this one:

One glitch though we that we noticed in some of their posts is that, they just give the links and don't say anything about it. This may not be a nice idea on twitter!

@Hillarysalon - 39* Followers

Interesting news around the business establishment is always a great way to
engage with your customers. Although in twitter numbers, 39 seems like a small number we feel that this salon will grow fast!

@superstartans - 525* Followers

With a steady flow of specials, offers & replies this Las Vegas Super Star tanning salon is the top individual Spa & Salon on twitter. Like Hypnotic Salon, many of their posts springboard off Facebook.

Check out Eyes And Feet for more.

*Followers as of 1st June 2010

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