Monday, June 13, 2011

Top 10 Chicago Bars & Clubs on Twitter

Over 150 Bars & Clubs in Chicago are active on Twitter.

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Here are the top 10 (based on number of followers), along with a summary of what they do that's unique and beyond special offers and greetings on special occasions. And no, we haven't included the big chains in this analysis - so there you have it, all independent establishments!

Read get some ideas on how you could engage with your followers.

Congratulations to these Twitter rock stars:

#10 @Market_Bar- 1,790* Followers

Re-tweeting what your happy customers told you is the easiest and best way to market yourself.

#9 @SmallBarDst - 1,996* Followers

Mentioning conversations that feature competing businesses is always a good way to communicate how open, and confident you are.

#8 @BuddyGuys - 2,155* Followers

Notifications, notifications and more notifications fills the twitter page of this legendary Bar! Obviously it works - they have 2155 followers.

#7 @RedHeadPianoBar- 2,206* Followers

Another local business using Constant Contact, clearly shows that integrating your Email Marketing campaign and your Social Media needs is a smart way to go forward.

#6 @EnclaveChicago- 2,405* Followers

Tweeting personally to your customers on their B'day is an awesome way to show customer loyalty.

#5 @UncleFattys- 2,467* Followers

Uncle Fattys certainly knows their customers' sweet spot - with offers like this, who can resist!

#4 @MetroBrewing - 3,261* Followers

Quirky nuggets about your business gives your business a personality and helps customers relate to it.

#3 @Lockdownbar - 3,983* Followers

This bar keeps reminding people about all its specials at regular intervals. Surely, at some time, you'll give in to the temptation!

#2 @PieceChicago- 4,680* Followers

Putting interesting pictures on your planned event instead of stating it in text is a good way to get your followers to engage with your tweets. Eg:

#1 @LincolnHall- 5,115* Followers

Telling your customers about tonight's events is one thing...but tweeting about it with @mention of who is coming conveys "red carpet".

With over 5000 followers Lincoln Hall is the Number 1 tweeting champion amongst Chicagos Clubs!

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*Followers as of 14th June 2011

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