Monday, June 6, 2011

Top 10 Miami Restaurants on Twitter

Here are 10 (based on number of followers) Restaurants & Cafes that do their social media in style. We've also provided a brief summary of our take on what they do that's different - beyond typical 'special offers' on Valentines Day. Want to know more about local businesses rocking social media in your own neighborhood ?

The Free EyesAndFeet application has the details.

PS: We haven't included the big chains (Like McDonalds, Starbucks...) in this list - it just wouldn't be fair - or interesting for that matter. So there you have it: all independent establishments!

Read get some ideas on how you could engage with your followers.

And...Congratulations to these Twitter Rock Stars from Miami:

#10 @SweetnessBakes- 1,076* Followers

Want to decide on a new addition to your Menu? Just ask your followers on twitter like this Miami bakery does with its tweets.

#9 @YellowTwiter- 1,668* Followers

The Yellow Submarine burger & hotdog place always supports their home team with questions and posts relating to the games.

#8 @SugarCaneRawBar- 1,726* Followers

Quirky tweets are always more interesting to read, and also they are more likely to be clicked on, as intriguing tweets like: "What is the Truffled Toad in the Hole" illustrate.

#7 @LatinHouseGrill- 2,007* Followers

Yummy recipes straight from your kitchen is a nice way to engage with hungry people. The Latin Grill House picks up several of their speciality dishes and posts them on twitter.

#6 @2GirlsnCupcake- 2,171* Followers

Being part of a community is always helpful to get new connections on twitter. 2 Girls and Cupcake post interesting information and also connect with other cupcake businesses like @KarasCupcake

#5 @MrYumMiami - 2,313* Followers

You don't need to wait for Memorial day or Games night to wish your customers on twitter. A Friday wish with an invitation to Sushi & Cold Sake can be a potent combination.

#4 @LaCamaronera- 3,430* Followers

Being part of interesting events like the Great Food Truck Race is always an advantage - for businesses to tweet about. Needless to say, this also keeps followers' interest high.

#3 @MsCheezious- 3,437* Followers

Polite and speedy replies to their customers' tweets make this Miami Cheese Comfort food truck a hit on twitter.

#2 @vocellipizzaNMB- 4,026* Followers

They mean business in most of their tweets with mention of their phone number and web address. And hey, it seems to work!

#1 @Latinburger - 5,790* Followers

In twitter SIZE does matter and this Latin Burger joint knows just that with interesting tweets and treats at regular intervals throughout the day.

Its almost like they have a machine working for their twitter id churning those tweets as fast as their fast food burgers. This, and presumably great burgers - makes them Miami's Numero Uno Tweeting champion.

Check out Eyes And Feet for more.

*Followers as of 7th June 2011

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