Friday, June 10, 2011

Top 10 Seattle Restaurants on twitter

Over 900 Restaurants & Cafes in Seattle are active on Twitter.

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Here are the top 10 (based on number of followers), along with a summary of what they do that's unique and beyond special offers and greetings on special occasions. And no, we haven't included the big chains (McDonalds, Starbucks, etc) in this analysis - so there you have it, all independent establishments!

Read get some ideas on how you could engage with your followers.

Congratulations to these Twitter rock stars:

#10 @Pagliaccipizza- 3,452* Followers

This popular pizzeria is 10th on our list of top 10 Social Restaurants on twitter. Twitter is the perfect place to invite your customers over for a special events like "Learn how to toss a Pizza - for Kids".

#9 @DelanceySeattle- 4,201* Followers

Your most popular dish is out of stock? No Problem. Tweet about it and make your customers want more it!

#8 @Canlis- 4,378* Followers

This unique Seattle dining destination has the right blend of quick replies, interesting tweets, and pictures from their restaurant. No wonder they were earlier nominated for The Seattle Web Awards!

#7 @BlackPearlSEA- 4,428* Followers

This Chinese restaurant not only provides authentic Chinese food on your plates, but also provides nice advice to its followers - Chinese fortune cookie style, like this one:

#6 @Mollymoon- 4,952* Followers

If you own a mobile restaurant, then twitter is just perfect to let your customers know where you are, and what's up, so they can swing by for a quick bite.

#5 @Curb_Cuisine- 6,108* Followers

Retweet interesting posts by your customers and share the love on twitter to make your happy customers happier - & hungrier for your food.

#4 @CupcakeRoyale- 6,416* Followers

It is summer time and this Royal Cupcake start their summer royally on twitter with new Raspberry Rhubard Cupcake offer.

#3 @skilletstfood- 6,496* Followers

Need a new spot for your mobile restaurant? Just tweet about it and let your customers decide where they want to see you next. What better way to tell customers that their opinions matter.

#2 @trophycupcakes- 6,761* Followers

Even their twitter wallpaper design looks delicious. With quirky tweets around celebrations like father's day, they ensure their followers knows about specials they're cooking up - like this one:

#1 @tidbitbistro- 18,486* Followers

Wow! With more than 18,000 followers on twitter this Italian restaurant is the ultimate twitter rock star. They seem to have everything from Happy Hour Specials to pictures from their restaurant and their speciality "Tidbit of the Day" where they give out interesting information - with an italian twist.

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*Followers as of 10th June 2011

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